Douglas Hammers No Longer Available

posted 2016 Aug by Grant Fawcett

We are sad to announce that Douglas hammers are no longer being manufactured.  Unfortunately, we have depleted our existing stock and therefore will not be able to provide any Douglas Tool products in the future.  We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your support over the past 15 years.

Hammers Sold Out Again!

posted 2015 Nov by Grant Fawcett

Unfortunately, we are completely sold out of all Douglas hammers once again.  We have a limited supply of DFRH-14 (14") replacement handles, but that is currently the only product available.  We hope to have more Douglas hammers available by summer 2016.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Framing Hammers in Stock!

posted 2015 Aug by Grant Fawcett

We have a VERY limited supply of DFR-2016 and DFR-2316 framing hammers in stock now.  These will not last long, so place your order now to ensure delivery of your favorite Douglas framer.

Framing Hammers Sold Out!

posted 2015 Feb by Grant Fawcett

Once again, we are sold out of DFR-20 and DFR-23 Framing hammers.  We had a limited number available, but they have all been sold.  We are also now sold out of DFRH-16 replacement handles.  We expect more hammers and handles back in stock by April 2015, so please check our website for availability.  Thanks!

Framing Hammers In Stock Soon!

posted 2015 Jan by Grant Fawcett

It's confirmed!  We will have a limited number of DFR-20 and DFR-23 framing hammers available in mid February.  Also, we will have DFRH-16CX replacement handles available at that time.  Orders will be shipped out mid to late February, on a first come - first served basis.  Thanks to everyone out there swinging a Douglas framer for your ongoing patience! 

DFR-20 Framers In Stock!

posted 2013 Aug by Grant Fawcett

We now have DFR-2016 framing hammers back in stock.  We also have a limited supply of DFi-1512 finish hammers available, and DFRH-16CX replacement handles as well.  We hope to have more Douglas hammers available soon!

Also, you can now buy a Douglas Framing Hammer / Handle Package.  You can purchase a DFR-2016 framing hammer and pick up a spare handle at a discounted price. 

January 16, 2013: Douglas Hammers Now In Stock!

posted 2013 Jan by Grant Fawcett

We now have most types and sizes of Douglas Hammers in stock.  From 20oz Finish Hammers to 24oz Framing Hammers.....and we also have Douglas Replacement Handles available.  Thank you to everyone for their patience!

Stock Update / Product Availabilty

posted 2012 Nov by Grant Fawcett

We have had numerous calls from throughout North America regarding the availability of Douglas Hammers.  As the Canadian distributor of Douglas Hammers we try our best to keep a good selection and reasonable quantities of their hammers in stock.  However, occasionally we are unable to obtain product from the Douglas factory and do run out of certain models.  Please be assured that we are working with Douglas to avoid this from happening and will try our best to reduce these occurrences in the future. 

Thank you for your patience and continued support of Douglas Hammers. 

First Post

posted 2010 Sep by Shopify

Welcome to the G.A.F. Sales website, Canadian distribuitors for Douglas™ Tool products.

We hope you enjoy shopping here and look forward to any questions or comments you may have about Douglas™ hammers.  Thank you for your support, and Happy Hammering! 


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